08/31/2020 - ABOUT ME

○      I've stopped trying to upload a page of Monday calmic every week.
○      I've stopped trying to upload a finished Friday calmic every week.
○      Re-thinking my schedule to allow for more time on scripting.

Q:      Who are you REALLY?

A:      Troy Walton, a very reserved millenial, living near Toronto, Canada.

Q:      How can you be contacted?

A:      Email preferred over Discord or Twitter:

Q:      What tools do you use to make these comics?

A:      "I draw on the computer"

Q:      How long does it take to write & draw these comics?

A:      The mostly black & white comics took a day or two. The ones that are building to a graphic novel length story take weeks, months, even years, if you include coming up with the idea(s).

Q:      Any inspirations particular to comics?

A:      How I "plan" my comics is based on thinking about these ones were/are made:

Q:      What's your favorite media?

A:      This sentence links to "My Top 10 Most Impactful..." media list on GoogleDocs--not counting comics.

Q:      Do you take commissions?

A:      I don't. If I become a much faster draftsman, I'll reconsider.

Q:      Any advice for fellow aspiring creators / visual artists / storytellers?

A:      Stop caring if your work makes you look bad. Make it anyway, but carefully consider who should see it.

Q:      Whyyy are you working on a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction?

A:      I was deep into ponies from 2012 to 2016, and outlined the story back then. It's the perfect project to "learn how to make a graphic novel" with. A lot of my story projects are just shy of being fanfiction, to be honest. I have original works planned too... They're development takes much longer.

Q:      Are you going to finish a whole story before moving on to future ones?

A:      Nope! Every story project is made of chapters. When I complete a chapter of one story, I'll move onto a chapter of a different story. This will mean a long hiatus within each series, but a promise that every story I'm passionate about is certain to have it's first chapter debut this decade 2020-2030.

Q:      After April 2020 you don't upload anything (and still haven't yet)?

A:      Covid pandemic burnout, partly. I never got sick, but my self care was dropping, so I had to make changes--less time griding out comics I wasn't hyper enthusiastic about. I've STILL been making comics drawing illustrations, but it's all been hyper-personal schizo NSFW stuff that will never see the internet-light of day. Ya know Goya's black paintings? Well I've done NOTHING BUT black paintings since then. My mental health has improved dramatically already, so I'll be uploading calmics again soon.

Q:      How can I support you (if I don't know you in real life)?

A:      From most preferred to least: